In honor of International’s Women’s Day, we wanted you all to meet our exceptional team of women coders. While we are grateful for them and their work every day, we wanted to highlight how essential they are for the success of our company.  We started by asking them a few questions. As I compiled their stories, a common theme emerged, that being how happy they are doing what they love.

Stephany MongeStephany Monge | Project Manager

“I’ve been very lucky to have met a lot of people (women and men of all ages) from whom I’ve learned and whom have helped me to grow and endure, and I feel really grateful for that. Women are amazing and have very special talents that give us a great potential to fully develop ourselves in this field, doing what we love, sharing our talent with others, making ideas come alive.”

Sonia Menendez
Sonia Menendez | UI/UX Designer & Developer

“I’ve been surrounded by great people who taught me that you can always become better and that ‘never stop learning’ is a must for any IT person. And for me it has been a great journey. At first, people look surprised when I say my job position, because it is not that common to see a girl in this area, and I’m glad to be an unconventional developer in progress, not only because of my gender but also because I’m a designer.”

Esme Acevedo
Esme Acevedo | Senior Web Developer and Designer

“This career really keeps you on your toes because technology moves fast. I am in a state of continuous improvement. I love to transform design concepts and ideas into functional applications that enhance the user experience.  I also love the challenge because it is like solving a puzzle.”

Their testimonies prove how dynamic and fast-paced their lives are, which only makes us feel lucky for having them on our team. As such, it is safe to say we couldn’t have done anything without our women coders.