CommandBox Docker v3.3.0 Images Released

Jon Clausen March 24, 2021

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Jon Clausen

March 24, 2021

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CommandBox 3.3.0 Docker images released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of version 3.3.0 of our CommandBox Docker images. This release contains a number of enhancements for multi-architecture support, Adobe Coldfusion 2021 compatibility, and security.

Of note, and a potentially breaking change for some, is that the base ortussolutions/commandbox:latest tag is now based on OpenJDK11 rather than OpenJDK8. Those who require the Use of JDK8 should pin their builds to the ortussolutions/commandbox:jdk8 tag. This decision was made because there is now only one JDK8 image that is currently being built - :adobe2016 .

This version also adds support for Adobe Coldfusion 2021 Package Control Manager with new environment variable support.

Best of all, we are now publishing multi-architecture builds. All of the base tags are now available in both amd64 and arm64 architecture - the latter, which is used increasingly on AWS and Apple's M1 processors. This opens up the door for additional architectures, in the future, including Windows.

This version continues to use CommandBox v5.2.1.

Changelog for this version:

[3.3.0] - 2021-03-24


  • JDK11 is now the default Java version for the primary tag ortussolutions/commandbox:latest. ( Only the :adobe2016 engine/tag is currently built with JDK8 )
  • JDK8-based default images are now tagged as :jdk8
  • Removed builds for the following tags and variations as the engines will no longer be updated: :adobe11, lucee45, lucee5.2.9. Older versions of those tags will continue to be available for those who use them, as long as there is demand.
  • HEADLESS environment flag now assigns a CommandBox secure profile of production, rather than using a custom rewrite file.


  • Added multi-architecture builds to support both x86_64 and ARM architectures
  • Disable TLSv1 by default on JRE11 images
  • (Issue #56) Added CFPM_INSTALL and CFPM_UNINSTALL environment variables for Adobe 2021 engines
  • Added support for SERVER_PROFILE environment variable to utilize CommandBox secure profiles
  • ENVIRONMENT variable now auto-assigns server profile, when set to production or development


  • (Issue #60) Fixed an issue where the convention route .cfconfig.json was not being parsed to determine if an engine admin password had been set

For more information on environment variables support, see the README

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Mar 24, 2021 23:13:49 UTC

by Charlie Arehart

Excellent news, on so many fronts. Thanks for the efforts!

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