Luis Majano

August 12, 2010

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There have been several changes from the ORM support classes from M5 to M6 that I will recap here thanks to muji in our google group and also to help out in the transition.  Our ORM support services are maturing every day and moving to a great solid release for 3.0.0 Final.  So let’s recap some of the changes:


  • Entity dependency injection are now controller and configured via the Autowire interceptor and not the ORM event handler anymore.  However, the ORM event handler MUST be enabled first.
  • findWhere() and findAllWhere() method parameters have changed, requiring a tweak in your code to account for the change.  Instead of accepting any add'l arguments besides orm entityName as the criteria, both functions now expect a "criteria" structure.
  • new() now takes in a properties argument that will be used to populate the new entity with
  • find() is now findIt() to not mess with the CF functions
  • get() now returns a new() entity if passed id=0 for convenience
  • deleteByID() returns # of rows deleted instead of boolean
  • new deleteAll() function
  • new validate(entity) function calls underlying Hibernate Validator() (EXPERIMENTAL), we are still evaluating our validation frameworks, but we would like to stay very very close to what Hibernate and JPA already offer. (  All help on this area is welcomed
  • new inline populate() functions: populate(), populatFromXML(), populateFromJSON(), populateFromQuery()
  • new() creations now announce an ORMPostNew interception if the ORM event handler has been created
  • New service property: EventHandling used by the service to announce certain things like ORMPostNew interceptions.

I believe these are the changes, am I missing something, please comment about it?

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Aug 13, 2010 11:42:14 UTC

by Brett

I believe get() also returns a new entity if the id specified is an empty string.

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