Luis Majano

January 30, 2012

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A big thanks to Curt Gratz on his awesome efforts and collaboration on this project.  The ColdBox FileBrowser module is now available for mass consumption and is a front-runner in ContentBox for media management and integration with CKEditor.

So what is FileBrowser? FileBrowser is a ColdBox Module that will enable file management capabilities in your applications.  It can also act as a file or directory chooser and has full integration with CKEditor.


  • ColdBox 3.1 and above
  • ColdFusion 9 and above
  • JQuery 1.4 and above


Download and drop in your modules directory


So what can you do with FileBrowser?

  • Upload files
  • Download files
  • Delete files/folders
  • Rename files/folders
  • Create folders
  • Quick view files
  • CKEditor Integration
  • Widget Mode to place on Filebrowser any other page

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Feb 12, 2012 11:30:15 UTC

by Worajedt Sitthidumrong

Will it be available for Railo 3.3+ ?

Feb 12, 2012 17:47:47 UTC

by Luis Majano

It should work with Railo let us know if it does not

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