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ColdBox 2.6.2 Fixes and Patches

Luis Majano |  January 08, 2009
There have been some bug fixes and patches to 2.6.2 that can be located on our daily build and SVN.  If you are curious of what these bugs are and how milestone 2.6.3 is shaping up, please go here and check it out.

2.6.3 will be our last maintenance release in our 2.X ColdBox Series before we start development on ColdBox 3.0.0 which will be a nice move ahead from our past 15 versions.  We have tons of ex...
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ColdBox will be at CFUnited 2009

Luis Majano |  January 07, 2009

I am happy to announce that ColdBox will be at CFUnited 2009. Our topic to showcase our new ColdBox Platform was accepted and will be debuting at CFUnited 2009. So if you want to register for one of the best ColdFusion conferences in the world,
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ColdBox 2.6.2 Final Release: Happy Holidays!

Luis Majano |  December 21, 2008

In full X-Mas spirit, here is my X-Mas Gift to the ColdFusion Community: ColdBox 2.6.2 Final Release codename series "FAITH". 

This is a major maintenance release that is full of joy and goodies.  There have been over 33 critical fixes to the core, over 4 major sample applications added, over 5 more documentation guides and

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ColdBox 2.6.2 RC updated

Luis Majano |  November 27, 2008

I just updated the 2.6.2 download with several fixes and updates to the model integration to allow for model aliases and also to be able to wire up web service objects in your model objects: You will add the following to the model object. Your coldbox config file will contain the wsdl definition

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ColdBox 2.6.2 RC is out, tons of updates.

Luis Majano |  November 24, 2008
We have just released a RC version of 2.6.2 in our downloads section. This is an incredibly ambitious maintenance release that will knock your socks off!! So head off to our downloads section to download and visit our What's new Guide to find out, well, what is new.

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New ColdBox Videos!

Luis Majano |  November 19, 2008

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ColdBox at ColdFusion Camp 2008 Munich

Luis Majano |  October 28, 2008

I have been invited by the Munich CFUG to speak at their upcoming event in Munich: ColdFusion Camp 2008 and I will be able to attend and present on ColdBox in Munich, Germany.

This is the first major CF event in Germany in over six years and it will take place on November 27th in Oberschleineim near Munich.  This is my first time to Germany and I am incredibly excited to present ColdBox to the European crowd first hand.  Below is...

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