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ColdBox 2.6.4 Released

Luis Majano |  July 17, 2009
This is a very small update that just let's you CF9 folks to get up and running better.  So grab this update so you can have all the CF9 goodness.

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ColdBox Training In August: CFunited 2009

Luis Majano |  July 16, 2009
CFUnited 2009 is coming soon and we still have seats available for ColdBox Training.  This is a full day of ColdBox training and goodness.  You don't want to miss this!  The course is CBOX-100 and you can find more information about it here.

Intro to ColdBox is an intense 1-day training course that will get you start...
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LogBox Beta 2 Released

Luis Majano |  July 16, 2009
Another happy LogBox day.  Today we are releasing a quick beta update to LogBox.  This update includes a fix thanks to Mark Mandel and one of my favorite features: Category Inheritance. First of all, LogBox is an Enterprise Logging Library that is part of the up and coming ColdBox 3.0.0 Platform Suite.  It is completely standalone from ColdBox MVC and can be used in any project you like.  The full documentation can be found here:
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LogBox: Enterprise ColdFusion Logging Library Released

Luis Majano |  July 10, 2009
After much work and restructuring the ColdBox logging capabilities into a standalone library, we have arrived to the birth of LogBox.  The ColdBox logging capabilities exist since version pre 1.0 way back in 2005 and now finally are open for usage with or without ColdBox MVC.  LogBox is part of an entire set of suites of services that the ColdBox 3.0.0 Platform is being built on, which includes:

New ColdBox Feedback Forum

Luis Majano |  June 15, 2009
We have added a new FeedBack Forum to all of the ColdBox websites so it makes it easy for the community to report new features, ideas, enhancements and bugs.  Not only that, but we can all vote for what features to support or build and so much more.  So please check it out, by going here: or just by clicking on the new feedback tabs on the sites.

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ColdBox Training at CFUnited 2009

Luis Majano |  June 15, 2009
This is a reminder that will be having a 1 day training at CFUnited 2009 on August 11th.  This is a full day of ColdBox training and goodness.  You don't want to miss this!  The course we will be delivering is CBOX-100 and you can find more information about it here
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Introducing MockBox: The ColdBox Mocking Framework

Luis Majano |  June 09, 2009
I am proud to announce another addition to our ColdBox Platform: MockBox.  MockBox is a companion package to the ColdBox Platform that will give you advanced mocking/stubing capabilities; hence a Mocking Framework. Not only does it integrat...
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New ColdBox Alliance Partner: Computer Know How

Luis Majano |  June 06, 2009
We are kicking off our ColdBox Alliance Program with the company Computer Know How.

Computer Know How was founded in 1997 as a resale and consulting firm. At Computer Know How, we understand that technology...
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GroovyLoader 2.0 Released

Luis Majano |  June 05, 2009
After some great conversations in the ColdBox forums, I got inspired and whipped up our next version of our GroovyLoader project, part of our projects pack that you can find in our
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Should ColdBox Drop ColdFusion 7 support? Get Involved!!

Luis Majano |  May 28, 2009

I have been debating with the decision to continue to support ColdFusion 7 in the main ColdBox core for version 3.0.0 and move ahead with CF8 compatibility. As of now, we have decided to maintain ColdFusion 7 support, but you can make this change. Our upcoming version is targeted for release by Fall of 2009 and we need your input. We have put together a small survey below and according to the community's response, we will either maintain the core to be ColdFusion 7 compatible or move ahead...

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