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Updated 3.0.0M4 Download

Luis Majano |  January 19, 2010
Just an FYI that I just updated the bits for the 3.0.0 M4 download. I had some leftover branch code I forgot to cleanup in the build creation. So the build that is correct is coldbox-buildID-201001190809. So please check your build id's. This is the latest and should be ok. Thanks.

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ColdBox 3.0.0 Milestone 4 released!

Luis Majano |  January 19, 2010

WOW! This one took a while but finally our M4 release is now available. So is this a final release, beta, or what? Well, we are taking off the beta name and will use our Milestone release as it is now deemed production ready even though I see a lot of users already running production sites with 3.0.0 Beta. Anyways, this milestone release has tons of fixes and updates in preparation for our next milestone which we should introduce in the coming months in preparation for a Release Candidate in Mid or Late April. Our milestones are evolving as planned and our core is getting more solid and solid with each release. This one especially really tightens the bolts on a lot of features introduced since the first betas. So let's start looking at what we did. However, please look at the tickets that have a (COMPATIBILITY) tag on them, if they do, then this means that this release has changed behavior from previous releases and you must see if you use that particular piece of code because most likely it needs to be updated. Please bear with us as all our docs are been reviewed for updates and more are added every day. Our new wiki is also online, powered by CodexWiki of course, and it will contain only 3.0.0 documentation. The 2.6.4 and less docs will remain in the orginal location. Here are the tickets for this milestone:

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LogBox 1.1 and MockBox 1.1 Released!

Luis Majano |  January 18, 2010
Welcome to another week of wonderful releases.  We start of with our two awesome logging and mocking frameworks LogBox and MockBox.  They have both just graduated to version 1.1 and can be downloaded today as standalone frameworks or via the 3.0.0 M4 bundle, ahh yes, another blog post a...
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ColdBox Case Study: Amcom Technologies

Luis Majano |  January 18, 2010
This week we would like to showcase Amcom Technology as their ColdBox case study is really refreshing.  They have also done some tremendous work with ColdBox/ColdFusion and continue to innovate.  Their case study can be found here:
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ColdBox California Training Update!

Luis Majano |  January 09, 2010
This is an update to our California Training next February 20th to the 21st.  We have arranged a discount with the hotel and we also have overflow hotels in walking distance.  That weekend is Nascar weekend here in California, so it will be full of fun if you want to head down here.  Please also note that the training Early Bird pricing ends January 29th, 2010.  So
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New ColdBox Alliance Partner: B-Line Express

Luis Majano |  January 07, 2010

We want to welcome B-Line Express to our ColdBox Alliance Program.

B-Line is a digital solution firm that has been providing experienced design and internet application development since 1995, and specializes in the delivery of user-centric technical solutions that help businesses connect with people.  B-Line...
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Win a free ColdBox Definitive Guide Book!

Luis Majano |  January 06, 2010
Announcing our first awesome contest so you can win a brand spanking new copy of our ColdBox Definitive Guide Book!  What do you need to do?  Simple, here are the instructions.

You will first need to register an account with us in our ForgeBox site:
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GCA.NET A ColdBox Case Study

Luis Majano |  January 05, 2010
We would like to feature a case study by and how they implemented the ColdBox Platform in their corporate environment.  Their study really reflects the way they implemented ColdBox and how it helped their corporate initiative.  So click on the following link to read this amazing case study:
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New ColdBox Training Seminars for 2010!

Luis Majano |  January 04, 2010
There are several training seminars available for ColdBox for the first quarter of 2010.  The following are the current seminars:
We are still planning more seminars for March, April, May and July that we will announc...
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ColdBox Elastic Servers Updated with Amazon AMI

Luis Majano |  December 11, 2009
Our elastic servers have been updated with the latest Railo builds and we now offer an Amazon AMI that you can deploy easily.  These virtual machines or cloud servers have the following installed in them:

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