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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 10 — TestBox Snapshots

Eric Peterson |  December 23, 2017

Today's featured module is a TestBox module that introduces snapshot testing capabilities to TestBox. If you've avoided testing your legacy applications, come see how TestBox Snapshots can get you started.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 9 — verify-csrf-interceptor

Eric Peterson |  December 22, 2017

I love modules that help me do the right thing in my code, especially when I often forget to do something. Today's module is very straight-forward — verify-csrf-interceptor — an interceptor that will automatically check for CSRF tokens for all non-GET requests to help protect against cross-site request forgery.

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The 12 Tips of (ContentBox) Christmas 2017 - Day 9 - ContentBox AutoLoader Module

Gavin Pickin |  December 22, 2017

At Ortus Solutions, we love the holidays, and we wanted to gift you a gift of developer productivity, we will share a few tips and tricks that will keep giving all year around. In this series we'll be giving you 12 ContentBox tips. Keep your eye out for other 12 tips of Christmas series on our blog, including a new one this year, 12 modules of Christmas on ForgeBox.

Day 9 - ContentBox Autoloader Module - A module to help ensure permissions, permission groups, permission groups' permissions and setting required by the module, are loaded and exist, by using conventions in the ModuleConfig.



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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 8 — CommandBox Githooks

Eric Peterson |  December 21, 2017

A short one but a good one today. Let's see how we can automate tasks with CommandBox Githooks.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 7 — cfcollection

Eric Peterson |  December 20, 2017

Learn about a cross-engine. expressive, and extendible functional programming library today — cfcollection.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 6 — qb

Eric Peterson |  December 19, 2017

In the CFML scene, there seems to be two names when it comes to data persistance plain ole' cfquery and ORM — not much inbetween. Our module highlight today is out to change that.

Meet qb.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 5 — whoops

Eric Peterson |  December 18, 2017

Today let's look at a quick, fun module today. It will make your exception experience in development just a little bit nicer. It's called whoops.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 4 — cbvalidation

Eric Peterson |  December 17, 2017

As a holiday song reminds us, we should be "...making a list, checking it twice." Client-side validation is the first check. Server-side validation is the second. And an excellent module to help us with server-side validation is cbvalidation.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 3 — str

Eric Peterson |  December 16, 2017

Modules don't have to be big. In fact, the Unix philosophy says to do one thing and do it well. While modules on ForgeBox run the gamut of [d]oing one thing]( and full blown frameworks, today we will look at one of the utility libraries on ForgeBox — a string manipulation library called str.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 2 — cbmailservices

Eric Peterson |  December 14, 2017

ForgeBox is your first stop for when you need some new functionality for your application, be that a utility library, an SDK, a framework, or something else. Today we'll take a look at one of the tools for helping manage sending emails — cbmailservices.

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