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ContentBox - Extending ContentBox 3 with your Own Custom Modules

Gavin Pickin |  May 20, 2016

In a previous Post, we talked about extending ContentBox easily with modules, and showed you how you could just download a module, activate it and use it in minutes. In this post, we'll look at how to add Modules into your website, by building your own, and how to leverage Module Layouts.

Whether you have used ColdBox before or not, using Modules with ContentBox and ColdBox is fairly straightforward, in fact, I think its a great way to dip your toes into using both technologies. Working with Modules is like everything else in ColdBox, you work with conventions, but you have control. In this previous post, 'Modules Modules everywhere, Extending ContentBox', we show you how there are 4 locations for modules in ContentBox, and depending on how your module will work, you should choose the appropriate location. In this post, we're going to build a custom ColdBox module, which it not managed by ContentBox Admin's Module Manager.

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ContentBox 3 - Modules modules everywhere - Extending ContentBox

Gavin Pickin |  May 18, 2016

In the last blog post, we talked about extending ContentBox with modules. With ContentBox being built on top of ColdBox, and integration with ForgeBox using CommandBox, there are a lot of modules ( and module locations), and how those modules interact isn't obvious at first. To be honest, with ContentBox 3, we only just decided to move the core contentbox modules, to provide clearer separation, and easier source control management... things are changing, so I thought this would be a great time to explain about the different type of module locations, and why you should use one over another.

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ContentBox 3 RC Screenshot Gallery

Luis Majano |  May 17, 2016

As we begin our ramp up to the release of ContentBox 3 ColdFusion/Java CMS, here is a nice gallery of images of our new UI and major admin UI feature sets. Enjoy!


ContentBox 3 Gallery