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Easy custom site host names with CommandBox

Luis Majano |  February 14, 2017

In this video Brad Wood introduces the CommandBox Host Updater Module written by Chris Schmitz:


which allows you to automatically add host entries to your operating system and starting servers all on port 80 for you using CommandBox. It is really a great example of a CommandBox module, but also a great tool to have for ALL your ccustom development work. Enjoy!

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CommandBox 3.5.0 Released

Brad Wood |  January 10, 2017

We are pleased to announce the final release of CommandBox 3.5.0!  This is a minor release, with 53 completed tickets-- most of which are server enhancements focused on making server management and configuration easy across any engine.  This version has been in release candidate for a few weeks and has received a lot of testing.  As a minor release, there are no compatibility-breaking changes to any of the public APIs, but there has been some necessary restructuring of the back end bits related to starting servers that could possibly have an effect on you if you have any scripts or custom modules based on the previous folder structure of some server installs.  We recommend all users upgrade to this new version, but take a minute to review the changes so you can fully utilize the new features.

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CommandBox 3.5 Release Candidate Ready for Testing

Brad Wood |  December 28, 2016

We've been hard at work on the latest version of CommandBox which brings bug fixes, improvements, and new options for deploying and starting servers.  We think it's ready for the general public to give it a good testing before we release it so today we're announcing the CommandBox 3.5.0-rc (release candidate) for you to give a spin.  This should be a painless switch so we encourage you to take a look and provide us with feedback.  We are also pleased t have several features and fixes in this release that were provided by community members as part of our first 1000 open source pulls.


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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas - Day 12 - Custom Error Pages

Brad Wood |  December 26, 2016

This is our final installment of the 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas and we hope you've learned some new tricks!  In this last segment, we'll cover setting up custom error pages for your CommandBox-based web servers.  This applies to all CF engines that you start and can help you add a bit of polish to a CommandBox-powered site you want to make public! 

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas - Day 11 - Semantic Versioning

Brad Wood |  December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope you had special time with your family and loved ones.  You may have a new year's resolution to learn something new.  Well, why wait when you can learn something new right now!  Today in our 12 tips of (CommandBox) Christmas, we'll do a quick crash course on semantic versioning, or semver as you'll oft see it called.  You may think you know everything, but keep reading and I'll bet you learn something.

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas - Day 10 - Converting Apache and IIS URL Rewrites

Brad Wood |  December 24, 2016

Christmas baking has probably began in your house, filling the air with the sweet aroma of sugar, carbs, cholesterol, and partially hydrogenated oil.  Mmm, just like Grandma used to make!  What better time to cook up a new development environment that runs on CommandBox!  

URL rewriting is common on many server setups and while everyone does the same basic things, the config files they use vary greatly based on the web server they have in play.  CommandBox allows for URL rewriting, but a common question I get is how to convert the rewrites people already have on their existing web servers so CommandBox can use them.

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas - Day 9 - Command line integrations

Brad Wood |  December 23, 2016

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go.  There's a lot of ways to get to grandmother's house just like there a lot of ways to use CommandBox in your workflow. In today's edition of the 12 tips of (CommandBox) Christmas, we'll hopefully teach you some new tricks. Oh-- and while you're at grandma's, tell her to stay away from those reindeer!  

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas - Day 8 - Managing all your servers

Brad Wood |  December 22, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and depending on where you live, snow may be falling!  The only thing cooler than this weather is our 12 Tips of CommandBox Christmas series where today we'll dig into taming all those server environments.  Some of you may only have one site you work on (lucky!) but others of us are always juggling several servers.  Maybe it's more than one CF engine on a single codebase, or perhaps you just have 3 or 4 clients projects going right now.  We've got some tips for keeping everything running.

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas - Day 7 - Server Logs

Brad Wood |  December 21, 2016

Christmas is almost here and if you listen carefully you can probably hear the jingling bells on Santa's sleigh.  If you listen even harder, you can hear the cries of anguish from CF developers around the world who's server won't boot and they need to track down the console log!  In this next installment of the 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas, we've got some help.

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas - Day 6 - Ngrok Server Shares

Brad Wood |  December 20, 2016

Christmas is a time of sharing here at Ortus HQ.  That's why we're sharing this 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas with you.  You may also want to share your hard work with others as well such as co-workers, far away clients, or your mom.  Luckily for you, there's a community Ngrok module that allows you to do just that-- instantly demo a local CommandBox site to anyone in the world via a private URL.  

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