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Connection Recording: CouchDB + ColdBox

Luis Majano |  September 26, 2011

Our very own Jim Spoonmore presented on CouchDB and ColdBox in our ColdBox Connection: and it was a nice introduction to CouchDB and then some advanced integrations into ColdBox with log...

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ColdBox Connection Sep-22 : CouchDB+ColdBox

Luis Majano |  September 20, 2011

Unfortunately, last Friday we had technical difficulties for our ColdBox Connection.  However, we will accomodate this connection topic for September 22nd at the same time 10AM PST.

Our very own Jim Spoonmore will be presenting on CouchDB and ColdBox in our ColdBox Connection:

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Special Connection Friday: CouchDB and ColdBox

Luis Majano |  September 16, 2011

 Tomorrow Friday September 16th, our very own Jim Spoonmore will be presenting on CouchDB and ColdBox in our ColdBox Connection: at a special engagment at 10AM PST.  So if you are interested in NoSQL databases and how you can leverage ...

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Connection Recording: MockBox + Mocking

Luis Majano |  September 07, 2011

In this episode, Luis Majano and Curt Gratz team up to present on mocking, stubbing and testing with MockBox.

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ColdBox Connection Recording: MVC + BlogBox

Luis Majano |  August 18, 2011

We had a great presentation today by Tim Cunningham on the basics of MVC and ColdBox.  We also announced our private beta about BlogBox: A modular ColdFusion blogging and cms platform (more details to come).  So if you want to get a sneek peak into what's coming next, take a look a...

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ColdBox Connection: Revelation! August 18!

Luis Majano |  August 16, 2011
Just a little note that this Thursday's ColdBox Connection will feature a brand new Application Revelation from Ortus Solutions. We have been working hard on several new products based on ColdBox Technology and time has come for the first revelation. So stay tuned Thursday at 10 AM PST as we announce and walk through our killer application!
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ColdBox Connection Recording: ColdBox Interceptors

Luis Majano |  August 09, 2011
We have now posted our recording for the presentation Brad Wood did at the ColdBox connection regarding ColdBox Interceptors:

ColdBox Connection: Intro to ColdBox and Railo Recording

Luis Majano |  July 29, 2011
Just a note that our recording is up on our vimeo channel and ColdBox connection page. Please check it out as it was a great presentation by our community member Ben Laube.

ColdBoxConnection-#10-Intro To ColdBox on Railo from

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ColdBox Connection July/28 - Intro to ColdBox And Railo

Luis Majano |  July 25, 2011

This week's ColdBox Connection will be our first hosted by a ColdBox Community Member! The ColdBox Team is stepping back give Ben Laube an opportunity to help remind us of the basics as he presents "Introduction to ColdBox". 

This meeting was rescheduled from last week as we had some technical difficulties!

If you have been thinking about getting started with ColdBox and wanted to know the easiest way to get started this presentation is for you. Ben...

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ColdBox Connection Videos on Vimeo

Luis Majano |  July 25, 2011
You can now enjoy the ColdBox Connection ANYWHERE! We are uploading all videos to our vimeo channels for your enjoyment on any platform even iOS!  We now have over 39 different training videos on our vimeo channel, so get to it! ...
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