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ColdBox Connection On ColdBox ORM And ContentBox Contest Winners Announced

Brad Wood |  December 17, 2012

Everyone, we have an exciting ColdBox Connection scheduled for tomorrow, the 18th.  First, we'll be announcing the winners of our ContentBox Christmas Contest.  We're super excited about the submissions we received.  They're all out on ForgeBox already waiting to be installed and played with. 


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ColdBox Connection Today at Noon CST

Brad Wood |  November 20, 2012

Today, we will be having another of our regularly scheduled ColdBox Connection Meetings at Noon Central time.  Kalen will be leading a short discussion on integration testing.  Please stop by and ask some questions.

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ColdBox Connection Meeting Tuesday at Noon CST

Brad Wood |  November 05, 2012

Please tune in tomorrow at Noon CST for the next installment of our ColdBox Connection meetings.  In this episode, we'll have guest speaker Joel Watson sharing about his just-released additions to ColdBox's ORM detached criteria queries and subqueries.  Here's the URL for the meeting room:


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Announcing ColdBox Lite Kickoff (Pure MVC Conventions)

Brad Wood |  November 02, 2012


If you've been waiting to play with ColdBox, or tried in the past and gave up, we want to invite you to come check out our ColdBox Lite Kickoff Event at Noon CST on Wednesday November 14th.
Team ColdBox will be announcing the lastest step in the life of the ColdBox framework.  We have heard your requests for a smaller, more lightweight version of ColdBox for people who simply want blazing fast M...
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ColdBox Connection: ColdBox Platform 3.5.1 Recording

Luis Majano |  June 01, 2012

We revived the ColdBox Connections by doing a live session at the Orange County ColdFusion User Group last night.  Here is the recording and of course also updated in our media sections: