ColdBox 2.5.0 Beta 1 is now available!!

Luis Majano October 15, 2008

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Luis Majano

October 15, 2008

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Well ladies and gentleman, a new era of ColdBox is here and its called ColdBox 2.5.0 : Romans 8:32

This is a major step forwards for ColdBox and I am proud now to announce all the new features (some are left out for beta 2, hush hush). The new Dashboard is still in construction and not included in this beta. The sample applications are unfinished also, but 2.5.0 compliant.

Here are two new guides and the documentation will start its updating cycle starting today:

Compatibility Guide:

New Interceptors Guide:

New Request Context Decorators Guide:


You can find the download in the forums.



Fixes, Updates and New Features for 2.5.0 : Romans 8:32

- #135 Application.cfc Support, Application.cfm + index.cfm combo still supported but will be deprecated by the 2.7 version. Please update your apps to use the included Application.cfc.

- #163 Project Interceptors : You can now intercept calls in over 12 execution points of a user request,
even the ColdBox cache. Not only that, but you can also create your own observable execution points
and use the API to announce your own interceptions.

- #164 onSessionStart/onSessionEnd Support added. You now have two new settings in your configuration file: SessionStartHandler and SessionEndHandler. You can now easily create events to be fired for these
execution points.

- #183 Coldbox.cfm - Migration to Application.cfc support

- #186 Custom Bug Report - Users can define the bug report to email out within the configuration file.

- #199 Messagebox Custom CSS and Layout Update (messageboxstyleclass setting deprecated) You now have a new setting: MessageboxStyleOverride [boolean]. You can now just tell the framework that you
will be overriding the styles of the messagebox. You can look at the guides or the messagebox.cfm
file to see how to override the styles. (coldbox.system.includes.messagebox.cfm)

- #202 Code Optimization and better encapsulation. This has caused a side effect on even more stable framework code.

- #203 Update Samples Gallery Content

- #222 Request Collection Persistance via SetNextEvent. You can now pass a comma delimmited list to the
setnextevent method of the keys in the request collection you would like to persist across the
relocation. The framework will then reload them in the relocated request collection.

- #223 Renderer Plugin - fixes on local naming.

- #224 New Convention - Plugins. You can now create your custom plugins with no configuration declaration. Just create a folder called plugins on your application root. The framework will pick this path up for your getMyPlugin() calls. As always, you can change the conventions via the framework settings.xml file or the dashboard.

- #225 GetMyPlugin - add new argument = 'newInstance', this was a fix of a missing argument on the facade.

- #226 configAutoReload flag not resetting the appstart handler. Now it correctly reinits it.

- #228 white-space control, what is white space? no more with ColdBox 2.5

- #229 Enhanced Event Registration System

- #232 HandlersIndexAutoReload was cleaning cache, not anymore, its fixed now.!!

- #233 Debugger Style & Usability Enhancements

- #234 Coldbox base service created, so future internal services can be expanded.

- #235 Logger Critical Error on Bug Reports, not being able to send them.

- #236 DumpVar url action can now dump request collection variables, just pass in the request collection key(s)

- #239 New Facades: getDebugMode() setDebugMode() on SuperType, all plugins,handlers, and interceptors inherit this.

- #240 Cache Panel overflow and row highlighting

- #241 getMyPlugin on Controller deprecated, not needed any more. No more controller.getMyPlugin(), use getPlugin with the correct arguments.

- #242 Application Template Unit Test Updates

- #243 DebuggerService update of internal properties.

- #244 New Plugin Service - More encapsulation and registration algorithms. It now stores metadata for quicker lookups.

- #245 Tracer method updated to be able to persist values. You can now use the tracer method on the logger plugin accross multiple requests. Awesome!! You can have tracers anywhere now and until the debugger panel gets rendered you will see the messages.

- #246 sessionstorage syntax updates

- #247 clientstorage syntax updates

- #249 DefaultView contains .cfm on application template, when it should not have. Fixed

- #250 toStruct toArray new methods on the Utilities plugin, for converting convention strings to structs and arrays.

- #253 fileUtilities renamed to utilities : Compatability plugin left for this release. Will be deprecated by 2.7
please update your code.

- #255 LoaderService addition of new methods and delegations.

- #258 FileWriter plugin deprecated, now found in contributed plugins page.

- #259 onInvalidEvent redirection, remove queryString that was appended that included the invalid event. Now it can be found on the request collection.

- #263 XMLParser.cfc : break up the parseConfig method into several internal blocks and cleanup.

- #264 New FrameworkSuperType Method: relocate() facade to cflocation

- #265 New Feature: Decorate your Request Context via the RequestContextDecorator. You can now decorate the internal request collection object (requestContext) and enhance its functionality following a very simple decorator pattern.

- #266 New Plugin: cookie storage plugin by Sana Ullah for permament cookie storage access.

- #267 Debugger Cache Panel - Cache Key Viewer/Dumper. You can now click on the name of a cache key in the debugger panel and it will open a window to dump the contents of the cache key. You can now dig into the cache and verify your data.

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Oct 18, 2007 23:55:29 UTC

by ziggy

Could you give us a summary of what these changes are about? How will a coldbox app be easier or better now?

Oct 19, 2007 09:40:42 UTC

by Luis Majano

Sure Ziggy, I am going to make another post just for you. Since a comment won't do justice

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