Melanie Navarro

Melanie Navarro

QA Analyst

Melanie Navarro is a computer engineer who has been working in the IT area since 2019 starting as a developer for the Contact Center Market and two years later discovered her passion for testing. She was born in Mejicanos, San Salvador on January, 19th 1997. She studied at the University of El Salvador for a degree in Computer Science engineering.

She has extensive knowledge in the area of manual and automated testing, knowing the different types of manual tests that must be applied to software and also the process of creating and maintaining automation suites.

Melanie has a passion for coffee, anime and kpop, these are other random facts about her.

  • She created his first web page at the age of 11 using a HTML guide.
  • She has been drinking coffee since she was 6 years old.
  • Her first contact with computers and the internet was when she was 9 years old and since then she has never stopped using them.

"Surpass your limit. Right here. right now."

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